Opinionated, but always in the right and constructive way. A no-bullshit, curious, self-critical bunch

That’s how one of our founders once described us. It’s true – we don’t back away from bold decisions and we express our opinions with conviction. But we’re also not afraid to question ourselves, to learn and to get better. If we have to make a U-turn and start over because something doesn’t stack up, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor

General Partner

Never says never.

A firm believer in leading by example, Maria has spearheaded numerous investments to date and worked with founders to build category-defining SaaS businesses.

She is on the board of several portfolio companies and organisations such as Included.VC, is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD Business School and serves on the Committee of the Chairs in Emerging Technologies as well as the Enterprise Hub of The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Past investments: Lifebit (Board), Epignosis (Board), Ometria, Topia, NumberEight (Board), Vaticle (Board), Code Kingdoms

Dmitry Seregin

Operations Partner

The voice of reason.

Often referred to as the calming influence when things are coming to a boil, Dmitry has been working with and investing in tech startups his entire career.

Straight out of university, he founded a seed, micro venture capital fund backed by two family offices where he took charge of everything from analysis and due diligence to negotiation. Fifteen seed tech investments and an exit later, Dmitry has built an incredible network of co-investors, founders and advisors and contributed to the ecosystem by bringing these people together.

Past investments: LoyaltyLion, Voxpopme

Zach Alexander


Gets things done.

Zach is a go-getter who likes to make things happen. A long-time believer in the transformational power of technology, he’s dedicated an entire career to developing and investing in it.

Starting out at Canonical (makers of the leading open-source platform Ubuntu), he worked with the senior management team to drive strategic growth in Cloud and Connected Devices, as Commercial and Finance Analyst. Whilst there, Zach started an angel syndicate to support millennials who want to invest in early-stage tech.

Past investments: CoGo, Veremark, TopCourt, Pluto

Margarida Garcia


Problem? What problem?

In the past nicknamed “The Wolf” (Pulp Fiction, c.1h55), Margarida has dedicated her career to helping early stage founders.

Margarida spent close to 10 years working in ops and finance roles, scaling teams and helping founders raise their first institutional rounds. As COO of Beacon’s portfolio co Lifebit, she grew the team from 4 to 16 in 6 months. At source(d), a developer tools startup, she led a commercial team of 12. She’s always on call to solve your most pressing issues.

Steve Mountain

Founding Partner


Chris Tottman


Exited entrepreneur, growth strategist and SaaS expert.

Boris Lavrov


Product, Data Science & Fintech expert.

Larry Levine