Not another 2022 trends article; what founders need to know

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Now that the fever of 2022 predictions is subsiding, we share our take on these predictions for the fast growing enterprise tech venture.

Do not expect earth-shattering originality in the subjects: instead, we sifted through the predictions — by pundits much smarter than us — to isolate suggestions for your (and our) agenda at the next strategy meeting.


  • Does the macro stuff, inflation, the China/US standoff affect us? Yes: your clients are adjusting their budgets.
  • The record level of VC funding in Europe means there’s plenty of growth capital, so full throttle on growth, right? No, not right.
  • We are a vertical SaaS solution, “the flavour of the month”: this is our year to scale up, right? Maybe, expect to have to answer whether you are a no/low code solution.
  • Our SaaS pricing works like clockwork, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Wrong.
  • Do we need a hybrid cloud strategy? Yes, you better think about it.
  • 5G has nothing to do with our business, so we’ll focus on what is in front of us if you don’t mind. We don’t mind but 5G has (potentially) a lot to do with your clients.
  • We are a data analytics tool used by highly skilled employees for mission critical decisions on [select from: service assurance/sales/techops/talent retention/market sentiment analysis etc.]. Watch our “land and expand strategy” shine in 2022! No, sunshine: you may be “hyperautomated” out of the value chain instead.
  • Are we angsting unnecessarily about Web3? Yes, it is not your biggest challenge this year.