To enterprise founders,


Getting started, getting seed funding and the first POCs is no small feat. For you however, we know that this is only the beginning. You’ve set your eyes on building a global leader.

Your journey starts here

It is a fact that European enterprise tech ventures take a while to reach scale. Some investors choose to ignore this fact, letting down the most talented founders and depriving emerging leaders of capital to reach scale. Underserved founders and an undersupply of capital poses serious challenges that are hard to overcome. Meanwhile, the competition is global and gaining traction.

This is where Beacon comes in.

How can we help?

Beacon guides you across the chasm to scale and Series A. Beyond this, we continue to put you first.

We understand the unique challenges of companies travelling the precarious path from a minimal viable product to establishing real commercial leverage in their target market. Having a clear vision and identifying the right technology is a given. Execution is critical, and this is where our experience with business development, team building and strong investor relations can help.

After Series A, there are enough funds investing into companies and they’re doing it well. At this stage, our mission is to do what others don’t yet do in Europe: offer you liquidity so our goals can align for a long and ambitious future.

We believe that offering liquidity at the right time is vital to allowing founders to gain the financial freedom to thrive in their personal lives. Companies continue to take longer to exit which leaves founders stuck, often tempted by suboptimal exits. Liquidity empowers you to make bold decisions to build a category-leader.

Let's get to work

If you’re ready for the challenges ahead, and focused on the rewards of the destination, we’re here to guide you along the path. Simply reach out whenever you’re ready.


We look forward to hearing from you,

The Beacon Team