To enterprise founders,

Getting started, getting seed funding and the first POCs is no small feat. For you, we know that this is only the beginning.

Your journey starts here

Even though you’re probably an expert in your field, finding those first customers who will trust your vision and execution is what really brings a brilliant B2B idea to life. Yes, Cloud infrastructure and Open Source can provide some wind for your sails. But building a viable tech-based business from scratch takes a) a lot of time and b) a lot of money.

On top of that, your competition is now global and tech innovation more widely accessible. Meanwhile, Venture Capital expectations have become as inflated as the abundance of capital but capital is still out of reach of many early stage businesses.

This is where we come in.

How can we help?

At Beacon we understand these unique challenges of companies travelling the precarious path from a minimal viable product to establishing real commercial traction in their target market. Having a clear vision and identifying the right technology are a given. For you, it’s now all about execution, and this is where our experience with business development, team building and strong investor relations can help.

Our vision is to empower the European B2B early stage tech ecosystem. To do that, we’ve built a team that’s determined to help you achieve success – a team that will answer calls in the early hours to finalise client proposals or negotiate term sheets, as well as being your trusted advisor when tough decisions have to be made. Together, we have more than a century’s combined experience in early-stage, enterprise technology.

We do what all the top Series A VCs do, but we do so earlier than most, at that critical pivot point between lift off and failure. We’ll mentor, advise and get our hands dirty when you need us to, so you can get on with building your business. We’ll also open up our network of European investor partners and experts.

Let's get to work

If you’re ready for the challenges ahead, and focused on the rewards of the destination, we’re here to guide you along the path. Simply reach out whenever you’re ready.

Good luck,

The Beacon Team