Ometria: On the Challenges of Entering the Age-Old Retail Industry

The way in which retailers take consumers to the point of sale continues to evolve. Real Business spoke with rising UK SMEs with innovative ideas to discuss the challenges of entering an age-old industry with a new proposition.

Beacon Capital portfolio company, Ometria, is one such retail innovation out to change the industry. A customer insight and marketing platform for retailers, the service was created to help clients build profiles of shoppers and personalise promotional messages as a result.

Ivan Mazour, CEO and founder, explained: “Consumers now expect to be treated as individuals, not as just another generic customer. As time progresses, and as we traverse the online and offline worlds, each of us leaves a detailed trail of actions and affinities.

“By collating and interpreting this trail, Ometria is able to predict what people will be interested in, and when they will be interested in it. Using those predictions, Ometria then creates and delivers personalised messages through channels like email or Facebook in order to encourage those individuals to purchase.”

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