In the Press: What Investors Want – Chatting with AngelLab by Mike Doherty

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor, Managing Partner was recently interviewed by Mike Doherty. In the interview she spoke about her investment philosophy, challenges she faced as a woman in business and her experience being the founder of Incito Ventures for FinanceSE.
Here is an extract from the article:

Your previous firm was investing across Europe and into Russia. What are the challenges of cross border investing?

“This is not about cross-order risk. It is about country-specific risk. In addition to all the usual startup venture risks, one has to deal with country-specific risks in terms of legal structure, operations, cultures. The odds are stacked against you. The bet therefore needs to be significantly better than what you would find in your local market to make it worth-while taking the extra risk.”

When investing, what do you look for in an entrepreneur?

“Talent. Raw, deep, unquestionable technical talent. If I can find this together with humility and ability to converse in ‘human language’ and explain technical matters plainly, then I know I have found someone I want to back.”

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