NowWeComply and Kamanchi annouce commercial partnership

Beacon Capital portfolio company NowWeComply and Kamanchi (a Nasstar PLC company) have announced a partnership to provide recruitment companies in the UK with intelligent automation technology that allows them to become more efficient when managing recruitment candidates, streamline recruitment compliance, and drive down candidate costs. The partnership will bring the NowWeComply platform to the recruitment market, and will remove the consequences of companies being non-compliant.

Nasstar’s recruitment team believes that current trends point towards recruitment agencies compliance burdens having an increasingly larger impact on the bottom line, they believe that introducing scalability and manageability into a recruitment agency not only improves profitability, but also allows recruitment agencies to differentiate themselves by being able to demonstrate a superior recruitment compliance capability.

Nasstar CEO Nigel Redwood said today “We are very pleased to be able to offer NowWeComply to our many recruitment customers, it’s a fantastic piece of technology with a large amount of third party integration services that can really enable a recruitment business to streamline their operations and drive down their costs. I think our customers will be very happy with this partnership and enhanced recruitment technology offering.”

NowWeComply CEO Ben Stoneham added “We’re delighted to be working with Kamanchi and Nasstar because they have a profound understanding of how to get the best out of technology in the recruitment sector.”

Find more details about the partnership in the original press release here.