Flypay Raises $10.7M Series A Round

AngelLab portfolio company, Flypay, announced that it has raised a $10.7 million Series A round led by Time Out, the publisher behind Time Out magazine.

Flypay launched in 2014 as a simpler app that let diners pay for meals online, without having to hand over credit cards to a waiter. Since then, it has rolled out support for over 100 locations in London, as well as other features. Flypay customers can also use the app to order food, meaning that they never have to talk to a waiter again.

Tom Weaver, CEO, Flypay commented: “It’s been a phenomenal two years for the business, as operators within the hospitality industry look to become early adopters of our technology to greatly enhance the dining out experience for their customers. This investment, coupled with a strategic partnership with Time Out, will allow us to rapidly deploy our solution for both operators and users around the world.”

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