Forbes: The E-commerce Experience Now Focuses On The Customer, Not The Retailer

Forbes contributer Monty Munford has recently published an opinion article about e-commerce now focusing on customer experience rather than on the retailer. He believes e-commerce has dramatically changed for the better over the past 15 years and now it’s time to focus on the customer. Today, the technology aspect of e-commerce is no longer a challenge, the only way to beat the competition is by providing a customer experience that is truly unmatched.

Ometria, one of AngelLab’s portfolio companies, was featured in Munford’s article as it is known to be one of the fast-growing businesses who are now aiming to support the e-commerce industry with improving its customer experience.

“Every vertical in e-commerce is almost a perfect market. Price competition is finished – prices have been pushed down to their lowest level. Anything a customer can buy they can buy from a competitor with just one click. So the current generation of e-commerce businesses competes by creating a business model that is constantly adapted based on relentless customer centricity,” said Ivan Mazour, CEO and Founder, Ometria.

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